January 2023 Newsletter

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our December bulleting board (above). Please stop by the Children’s Desk to pick up your artwork. Thanks to our Wish List, we received an awesome craft cart (left). Come check it out and create something to take home or to add to our January bulletin board. Receive text … Read more

The 1872 Memo: Popular?

Popular? We Think So! With about 135,000 visits annually by people of all ages, we provide about 96,000 reference transactions. These services range from book to periodical checkouts. It does not include the wide range of other services including children’s literacy programs and online job applications. From March through August of this year, both our … Read more

The 1872 Memo: Welcome

Welcome! I’ve heard it said that “…communication is the essence of appreciation.” It is in this spirit that I present the inaugural edition of THE 1872 MEMO. 1872 was the year Ottawa established its public library. For 150 years the Ottawa Library has been a public asset serving all those who enter its doors. Twelve … Read more

Kansas Reads to Preschoolers

Kansas Reads to Preschoolers is an annual event that promotes reading to all Kansas children from birth through age five. Through the statewide program, parents, librarians, and caregivers are encouraged to read the chosen title during a selected week and month. The title selected for 2022 was Not a Box by Antoinette Portis. Inspired by … Read more

A Brief Account of Library Locations

Before opening the impressive and now iconic Carnegie building, the library found its home among some half-a-dozen locations throughout Ottawa. The first location was nothing more than a single bookcase located in Clark Brothers’ book store. A room was then rented over L. H. Holt’s store with the members taking turns opening it two evenings … Read more

Building A Better Future Part II

Continued from Building A Better Future Part I In addition to the $15,000 secured from Mr. Andrew Carnegie for the construction of a public library building, the City of Ottawa matched the donation with a site for construction and a commitment to devote 10% of the amount secured from Mr. Andrew Carnegie annually for maintenance. … Read more

Humble Beginnings

In March of 1872 at an ‘upper room’ meeting, Mrs. M. L. Ward and Mrs. Ruth Griffin proposed sharing the expense of purchasing books that could be shared for the enjoyment of all. In a short time, nine of the fifteen ladies present paid $1 each in dues. Mrs. M. L. Ward Mrs. Ruth Griffin … Read more